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67/ Dan

 28.01.2018   {Excellent} 

This evening I have had the up most pleasure spending 90 minutes with Robert. He is friendly, very good looking and so kind. The massage was amazing. Such a great guy. Well worth every penny. Thank you so much.

66/ V.

 21.01.2018   {Excellent} 

Robert performs an excellent service in a cozy environment. He is very good looking and fit. His hands are highly skilled. He is attentive to his customers needs. I recommend without hesitation Robert. I will definitely go back

65/ Jeff

 20.01.2018   {Excellent} 

Robert gave me his full attention and made me feel like I belonged to him. I have met him twice and look forward to meeting him again. He is highly recommended. He is handsome, sweet and caring.

64/ Colin

 18.01.2018   {Excellent} 

I have met Robert a couple of times now whenever I come to London. First time was for an erotic massage. Robert was as charming as he is handsome. Very friendly and made me feel special with his intimate looks and touch. It was an electrifying experience of relaxation and erotic feelings. He has an amazing body and hands. My second visit was a more intimate experience, an hour of sheer pleasure . Robert catered to all my needs and more. Tender moments that made me feel at total ease. I can't wait for my next visit to London and to meet Robert again. Just wished he lived closer. Thanks for a special session.x

63/ AustinGuy

 27.11.2017   {Excellent} 

Remarkable. I walked out pain free because of his massage technique. He hit all the right spots and some I didn’t know I had. He is a very kind and talented therapist. If I lived here, he would be my go to massage therapist.I felt very comfortable the moment I stepped through his door.

62/ MF

 18.11.2017   {Excellent} 

I found Robbie to be a very sweet and caring guy. He took the time to talk and listen to me and took me on an unexpected journey. Intelligent, genuine and thoughtful and highly recommended. Will be coming back.

61/ greenwickian

14.11.2017   {Excellent} 

Really Good Experience. Robert was very easy to arrange a meet up with and very helpful. The service was amazing and he's very good looking guy with massive ***k. Would definitely recommend.

60/ Richard

17.11.2017   {Excellent} 

Robert is a beautiful man. It was my first visit and from the moment I arrived he lit up the room and made me feel so comfortable. Stunning and handsome. Our wonderful time together was excellent and so hot. Following a beautiful, erotic and *** *** session, Robert gave me a deep strong and invigorating massage, in every way.

His wonderful hands and fingers stroking, caressing and entering me was just incredible. I love his sexy European accent.

Our session was unhurried and I came away feeling fully satisfied. I will definitely return to see Robert again very soon.

59/ LondonGuy

 23.10.2017   {Excellent} 

A great massage, very intuitive, firm pressure but also gentle when required. He is handsome and charming and puts you at ease immediately. Recommended.

58/ Shockwave

18.10.2017   {Excellent} 

I have just had an erotic massage with Robby and it was divine.

His hands are magic and he is very handsome. I have enjoyed every moment and will definitely book again.

57/ p.wood304

 27.09.2017   {Excellent} 

This was my first time with an escort / masseur, so I arrived early, hot after travelling across London, and sat outside the tube station to cool off for 20 minutes before ringing the door bell. But I need not have worried. Robert is intelligent and a good conversationalist, as well as one handsome guy; attentive, kind, professional and clearly very good at what he does. The apartment was spotless, the ambience conducive, the session un-hurried and there was a refreshing shower at the end. I agree with all the previous reviewers' comments, especially about the ease of arranging the meeting by text. Visiting Robert was one of the best things I have done (for myself) in a long time, and worth every penny. I hope to repeat it soon. Unreserved recommendation.

56/ fulmar8

15.08.2017   {Excellent} 

Met Robert for a couple of hours. The whole process was easy to sort by text and having arrived at his comfortable flat I was greeted with a big smile and warm welcome. From the outset he was charming, sexy and very very horny. Robert is very intuitive knowing just what to do - equally at home taking the lead or being led he can be soft and gentle with cuddles through to rough and dominant and everything in between. Very well endowed and he knows how to use it. Highly recommended.

55/ Ferenc

 26.05.2017   {Excellent} 

Warm welcome, good conversation, very professional handsome guy who looks even better in the flesh than in photos. Awesome experience from a very talented guy who knows his stuff and is creative in giving huge pleasure and also really good fun. Highly recommend.

54/ MrB

 23.05.2017   {Excellent} 

I've had many massages before but this one was my best. Robby did very accurate strokes around my back and shoulders and it was spot on to relieve my tense shoulders. It was actually therapeutic, sensual and erotic at the same time with just the right amount of pressure and technique. Robby surely knew what he was doing, not to mention how physically attractive and clean he really is. Our small conversations were enjoyable as well.

53/ Trevor

 17.05.2017   {Excellent} 

Robby is a Good communicator, as we have been communicating for over 2 months and Finally a Meet-up at my hotel. And, what a Handsome Gentleman he is. His style if Firm and he is focused on hydrating also, with almond oil { a good quality one }. Fair enough and it was a WONDERFUL, Relaxing & Renewing Massage. His massage skills are beyond Excellent...lengthy and slow strokes. And he provided Superb music for added enjoyment. Only , a FABULOUS experience.

52/ Kevin

05.04.2017   {Excellent} 

Robert gave a great massage, a mixture of many techniques that came together for a truly unique experience. He judged the pressure perfectly and really helped me with some back issues. His apartment is in a great location and provides a very nice environment for the massage. Added to this is the fact he is a really great guy, so all in all I would highly recommend Robert and will see him again.

51/ Louis

 03.04.2017   {Excellent} 

The appointment was in time. A very nice massage indeed and bodywork was perfect and very professional with good conversation in a relax atmosphere. A very clean surroundings, well done Robert and thank you so much.

50/ William

 22.03.2017   {Excellent} 

I met Robby twice the massage was amazing, i was so turned on. He also took me from behind , slight pain at first as I am not very experienced but wow so hot an horny. Will be back for more...

49/ Ben

 21.03.2017   {Excellent} 

I have been to Robert several time for massages when I come up to London. He has a great apartment which is extremely tidy and spotlessly clean in which he creates a sense of calm and contentment with lighting and candles. I am most impressed by his versatility at adapting his massage to what is needs of the client - one one occasion he sorted out a back problem for me and on another he totally relaxed me after a very stressful week at work. Robert is a very good natured and friendly guy and I recommend him strongly and without reservation.

48/ Colin

 06.02.2017   {Excellent} 

Robert is a lovely guy with gorgeous eyes. He makes you feel special the way he looks sensually at you. The kissing and caressing are so arousing. He has an amazing manly body with a great body hair. Peachy bum and the most amazing and tasty cock. I could not get enough of this sexy man. He makes you feel relaxed and at ease. He give me a wonderful time. Nice educated guy and nice chats.This was my second visit. First a sensual massage and the second more special. I will meet up again next time in London. Thank you Robert.x

47/ Mike

 12.01.2017   {Excellent} 

What bliss! Robby is a warm, friendly and very handsome man whose calm demeanour put me at ease immediately. His strong firm hands, and the whole package really, work magic. I will certainly become a regular. Xx.

46/ Alex

 29.11.2016   {Excellent} 

I have met this very hunky guy on two occasions and both were overnights in Reading. When I meet him at the station I thought great I have him all night. 

He has a body to die for and is great company.

I am glad I met Robert and I would recommend him to anyone ... a very good experience and looking forward to the next time.

Thanks Robert.. Take care.

45/ Slyckly

 15.11.2016   {Excellent} 

Rob has a nice studio apartment very close to an underground station. He gives an excellent massage which can be quite intense.

I think he is better looking in the flesh than the profile pictures. He offers excellent value for money and I would highly recommend him.

44/ John

 03.11.2016   {Excellent} 

The date above may be wrong, but I first met Robby for a massage which I much enjoyed, though was rather nervous to start with. I needn't have worried. Towards the end I looked up at his gorgeous eyes ... I was back soon for ... session. . It was wonderful.

I hope I am in London again soon!

43/ Ben

 06.11.2016   {Excellent} 

Photos do not do Robert justice.

He is everything you want, his massage is fantastic, his place clean and comfortable. He is easy to get by TFL. 

You feel great during and after.

Go for it.

42/ Pradt

 03.11.2016   {Excellent} 

Nothing to say more than 5 stars! That's it.

41/ Andrew

 08.09.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby made me feel at ease straight away, the massage was one of the best and relaxing I have ever had I booked the works and got the works. This visit will stay with me forever. Only wish I lived in London just for Robby but I would soon run out of money if I did xx thank you again

40/ Tom

 09.08.2016   {Excellent} 

Absolutely amazing massage, one of the best I had ever. Robby is fantastic guy, so nice, handsome and tactile guy with golden hands. I'm sure I'll be back very soon for next session. Thx so much Robby!

39/ Rick

 08.08.2016   {Excellent} 

Remarkable. I walked out pain free because of his massage technique. He hit all the right spots and some I didn’t know I had. He is a very kind and talented therapist. If I lived here, he would be my go to massage therapist.I felt very comfortable the moment I stepped through his door.

38/ Mike

 07.07.2016   {Excellent} 

Welcoming in every way from the moment he opened his door. Good physic, warm smile, expert warm hands. Covered every area from fingers to toes.

Ensured complete satisfaction ending in total relaxation and warm shower. Certainly will return as soon as I can!

37/ Flyby617

 05.07.2016   {Excellent} 

He was amazing ! He was sexy, dominate, and gentle. and an all around good guy.

He massage was really good, so much so I drifted of at times. The rest is personal, but book him for sure

36/ Jay

 29.06.2016   {Excellent} 

fantastic handsome man with strong hands and wonderful hairy legs. massage was a dream and Robert built very well in the areas that matter clean and caring with a soft and gentle approach to the massage ,and firm and horny when needed. truly wonderful time and recommend Robert for your every need.

35/ C.

 17.06.2016   {Excellent} 

We communicated before meeting. It was clear he knew what i was wanting. He met my full needs and it was a very enjoyable 2 hours, felt he planned the session and paced it well. He was very attractive and looked like his picture . easy to find, put me at ease and took control I had great time.

34/ Hairybear

 17.06.2016 {☆☆☆☆☆} 

Robbie is easy to chat with, he's an artist & I'd be happy with him drawing me. The massage was fantastic - I was put at my ease and Robbie provided everything I asked for. You will have the best time with him. His flat in Earls Court was easy to find and communications with him were simple.

33/ P.

 09.06.2016   {Excellent} 

The Robert gives a full and outstanding service. His attention to detail is excellent - this is evident both in the way he took time to understand my desires before we met and in the presentation of his apartment.

I found him to be smart, sexy, masculine and very human. Robert has cleverly positioned himself at a reasonable price point which signals he’s not greedy. In fact, once you’re there and in his hands, you’ll surely want to tip and rebook. Shrewd.

From my limited experience of using masseurs I have discovered some can be less than attentive. Robert is the opposite. I am, of course, just another client but I left feeling he actually liked both his job and me.

Class act

32/ Thomas

 08.06.2016   {Excellent} 

What a wonderful guy, fantastic massage, I left with a bounce in my step. I will be back.

31/ Timbo

 29.05.2016   {Excellent} 

The thing that sets Robby apart from the many other masseurs in London is that he actually listens to what you are looking for ... and delivers!

His massage technique is a perfect mix of sensual and firmly purposeful.

He also charges sensible prices for his services, which makes repeat visits more than tempting - and affordable. It was a great pleasure to spend an hour or so with him. I thoroughly recommend him to you

30/ DD

 29.05.2016   {Excellent} 

I was still floating from this experience a day later. Before starting the massage he enveloped me in an embrace that eased away the day as my body surrendered in to his.

His massage is strong, deep and sensual. He focused on areas that we discussed and intuitively worked me over building the arousal for the passions to come.

He took full possession as our bodies became one filling my senses to overload and hurtling me into the middle of next week and beyond. All the time in control, his arms around me and his hot breath opening me more to his deep and insatiable desires. I'll be back! 

29/ Tony

 28.05.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby is a really nice guy. He is charming and professional and very handsome.

I cannot recommend more highly.

28/ Tailhook

 17.05.2016 {☆☆☆☆☆}

I get to London often for business and have had an occasional massage when there.

Of those whom I have gone to in the past, Robert is the best and will continue to call him when there. He is very attentive to detail, has great massage skills and knows how to give he right amount of touch. He is also responsive to inquiries and a good communicator. His is also far better looking in person.

27/ Thames

 06.05.2016 {☆☆☆☆☆}

Rob is very professional very good experience the massage was very relaxing.

Very handsome guy and well built.

26/ Paul

 04.05.2016   {Excellent} 

Robert was a fantastic surprise the moment i walked into his apartment.

He made me feel at ease straight away. He has a very mischievous look in his eyes….a real turn on. Robert gave me a great relaxing massage session, i can't recommend him enough you will go home with a smile on your face, i certainly did

25/ Noel

 06.05.2016   {Excellent} 

I suppose over the years I have had many massages but Robby's was outstanding.

He does say that he likes older people; well, I am very much older and he made me feel special. His hands are magic and this was a thorough massage, not a quick light massage barely touching the surface and that's it! Quite frankly, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

24/ Joseph

 28.04.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby What can I say? What an awesome experience! I booked Robert on a very short notice, he was very friendly, texted me immediately back and gave me the date and time I requested. He is discreet, honest and fulfilled my requests perfectly! I cannot recommend Robert highly enough! Will see him again hopefully very soon! Thanks from Joseph is a great guy friendly and puts you at ease straight away. His massage is fantastic and felt great.

23/ Roni

 19.04.2016   {Excellent} 

Robbie has a very good touch as a masseur, leaving not parts untreated. Lovely massage experience and then some add on for the fun bit. Robbie has a great build and a marvellous tool.... I will definitely come back for more.

22/ Priapus

 05.04.2016 {☆☆☆☆☆}

I had my first massage with Robby last week.

I enjoyed the experience enormously and look forward to my next visit.

21/ Walo

 04.04.2016   {Excellent} 

I was so nerves upon my arrival since my first experience with a guy massager went terrible. When Robert saw that, he gave me a very warm hug and soft kiss until I cooled down and felt confidant. Nonetheless, I felt so relaxed when I saw the level of his, as well as, the place's cleanliness, especially with the massage table's paper he is using. He started softly...and took me gradually to the level of a DREAM. He is so kind, polite, and have a high sense of humour. He wasn't looking at the time, and focused on one and only one thing..."My Comfort" If you had a bad experience previously with massagers, Robert will be the best choice to let you forget it, and give it a new definition. I am so glad that I met with him, and for sure it won't be the last time.

20/ Andy

 24.03.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby is a great guy friendly and puts you at ease straight away. His massage is fantastic and felt great and it's always a pleasure to meet Robby and hope to see him again soon xx

19/ Mike

 27.03.2016   {Excellent} 

What a sexy Man !! Fun, Handsome, great body, lovely big cock and perfect backside above a pair of perfect hairy legs . Actually knows how to give a proper massage as well. Who could ask for more ? Well I could ! I will be seeing Robert again as soon as possible . Mike

18/ Jim

 25.03.2016   {Excellent} 

This is the second time I have meet Robbie twice for a massage.

Robbie is not only a handsome guy he is very a attractive and charming. My visit this week was amazing. He fulfilled a few fantasies and will definitely be meeting him again. He is just such a nice guy I cant recommend him highly enoughI met Robbie this afternoon, have to admit I was a little nervous, but Robbie soon put me at ease. A very good looking guy with sparkly eyes and a winning smile.

His massage skills are first class and very erotic. If you are thinking of a massage you will not find any better from such a sexy guy. I will definitely be back!!

17/ Mark

 22.03.2016   {Excellent} 

Nice apartment, intelligent man, great massage and experience. Relaxed and appreciative.

Really recommend.

16/ Paul

 19.03.2016   {Excellent} 

I've met Robert twice, first for a massage (invigorating) and secondly for a more sensual experience, He is a hot looking man with beautiful hairy legs, nice feet and perfectly formed in another important area.

Very much enjoyed both experiences, especially the more intimate one. He made me feel very welcome and was very attentive to my needs. He is very centrally located. I look forward to meeting him again the next time I am in London.

He's one hot dude with a sexy accent.

15/ Jim

 16.03.2016   {Excellent} 

I met Robbie this afternoon, have to admit I was a little nervous, but Robbie soon put me at ease. A very good looking guy with sparkly eyes and a winning smile.

His massage skills are first class and very erotic.

If you are thinking of a massage you will not find any better from such a sexy guy.

I will definitely be back!!

14/ ccr82

 13.03.2016   {Excellent} 

Have visited Robby a couple of times.  He's very perceptive, working out where is tense and where more sensitive.  I leave relaxed, refreshed and relieved.  

He's an honest, trustworthy, friendly guy - I'd certainly recommend.

13/ Paul

 12.03.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby is a friendly, highly intelligent guy. I felt very easy in really nice surroundings. Robby couldn't do enough for me. He's an excellent kisser, and gives a fantastic massage.

I felt so good, and relaxed when I left him - which was quite a wrench.

Thank you Robby for making my visit to London and for being such a sexy guy - you are so nice to have a conversation with. Keep up the excellent work!

See you soon.

12/ Englishguy

11.03.2016   {Excellent} 

Things we all want to know before visiting for the first time:
1. Is Robby like his photos? Yes and perhaps better
2. What is his attitude like? Welcoming and very good
3. What is his apartment like? A very clean, compact studio in Earl's Court with good shower facilities for afterwards

4. Is Robby good at what he does? Oh yes!
5. Is Robby good value for money? Again, yes.

11/ Raj

 10.03.2016   {Excellent} 

mmmm  as arrange Robert was all ready for me to welcome in his nice clean flat and please me in every way and had a really good time very clean and professional
will meet him again soon cant wait - if you get chance to meet don't give a miss
must meet robert 
good luck and best wishes dear Robert

10/ Daniel

 01.03.2016   {Excellent} 

a highly intelligent kind and gentle man. A meeting is a sensual and relaxing pleasure .

This lovely sexy man will make you feel loved valued and highly attractive -as is he.

09/ UKWilliam

 26.02.2016   {Excellent} 

I met Robby for the first time. Robby is an exceptionally gorgeous guy. You give him a few keywords about what you desires beforehand and he fulfils your expectations completely. I have never ever meet a guy before who satisfied me like Robby. I definitely must meet him again.

08/ pjman

 26.01.2016   {Excellent} 

Robby is a sexy masseur and very good company. He was easy to get hold of and confirmed the appointment and his address. His pictures are accurate although his smile is so much better in person. He has the most beautiful eyes. I'd recommend him as you will have a good time, he's such a nice guy.

07/ Piowatcok

 25.01.2016   {Excellent} 

Fantastic kisser, very good massage and very nice person.

Don't miss Robert, is the best option in London.
Thanks Robert for this unforgettable moment.

06/ ken_seldn

 20.12.2015   {Excellent} 

Lovely man, great massage, and a fantastic kisser.

Highly recommended.

05/ George

 17.12.2015   {Excellent} 

Robbie is an adorable handsome young man.

He is genuinely sympathetic, will put you at your ease and fulfil your desires.

He is easy to contact and reliable.

04/ canon123

 17.12.2015   {Excellent} 

From the moment he started is was great .
Gives an amazing massage extremely sensitive and intense !

Find no words for it !
and everything after was awesome !
First Class I can say !
Don't miss it !!!

03/ eddy36

 13.12.2015   {Excellent} 

This guy is sexy and gives the right treatment.

Very sympatico.

02/ Gaystud-ldn

 05.12.2016   {Excellent} 

Really good massage on good quality table. Felt great afterwards.

Would highly recommend!

01/ Passguy1969

 03.12.2015   {Excellent} 

Met Robby last night all I can say is he's a great guy friendly good looking.

Gives an amazing massage it was just great. An amazing body and cock.

I look forward to seeing him again and again